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Fiance Visa or Marriage Visa: Which Will Be Better?

Fiance Visa or Marriage Visa: Which Will Be Better?

Which will be the easiest way to obtain a Marriage-Based Green Card?

Whenever a U.S. Resident marries a international citizen, you will find basically two various ways when it comes to international resident to immigrate to your united states of america and have a green card. The decision — a fiance visa — may cause confusion for most partners. Each has its benefits that are own. Therefore what’s perfect for one couple might never be perfect for another couple’s situation. To make your choice, you’ll want to start thinking about rate associated with the procedure, expense, along with other facets.

Fiance Visa

The fiance visa (aka K-1 visa) is just a nonimmigrant visa acquired by the international fiance to journey to the U.S. For the true purpose of engaged and getting married in the U.S. Then adjusting status up to a permanent resident (green card owner).

Wedding Visa

The wedding visa (aka CR-1 or IR-1 visa) can be an immigrant visa acquired by the international partner within the international nation after wedding for the intended purpose of immigrating into the U.S. To call home forever because of the partner.

Fiance Visa (K-1 Visa)

The fiance visa, formally referred to as A k-1 visa, is a way employed for international residents involved to a U.S. Resident to enter the united states of america when it comes to certain reason for marrying that U.S. Resident. As soon as hitched, the international partner must proceed through a procedure called “adjustment of status” if he or she would like to obtain an eco-friendly card. Weiterlesen